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Diana Davis

“Love is a game
that two can play
and both can win”


I’m Diana

Being single as a woman can be really tough and getting the man of your desires is even tougher. But remember that true happiness in pursuit of the man of your dreams takes some effort on your part and I am here to give you the guidance that you need so that you can succeed

Do not despair because you are not alone in going through this phase but having the knowledge and strategies makes a whole lot of difference in your end goals. Start winning in your relationships and reach out to me if you need any personal advice.


Seeking guidance in a relationship is a Strength Not A Weakness

How To Capture A Man’s Heart

Do you lack self confidence in chasing or getting the guy that you fancy? Do you always wonder what it takes to steal the heart  of the man that you desire or simply makes his heart skip a beat or to generate a spark and passion in him towards you?

The cool and truthful fact is that physical appearance does NOT play a big part in all these BUT knowing a few techniques and strategies will give you a great advantage in knowing how to capture a man’s heart.

To capture a man’s heart, you must first understand man, what makes a man and what are his wants and desires. Know how he thinks, how he acts, what he loves about women, how he reaches out and his social habits and what turns him on will make a big difference in getting the man you want or just dreaming about it.

I will help you learn the knowledge and gather the courage and confidence that you need to put into practice because you no longer fear the unknown and you are now ready to finally succeed in getting the man of your desires. Let’s look at several main factors below that will put you in the driver’s seat for a change. Let’s break down each of these strategies below:

What Guys Want in a Relationship?

Before you can be successful in getting the man of your dreams, you must first understand what guys want in a relationship. What are they looking for? What are their fears? What is holding them back? If you fail to go deep into a man’s heart and do not know or understand what guys want in a relationship, then you will most likely fail. But if are armed with the knowledge embedded deep in a man’s heart, then you will know how to speak, act and tug at their heart’s strings effectively and man will be attracted to you like magnets.

  •  Men are looking for “real” women

When I say real, I mean to say women who are not pretentious and are her natural self. She projects an image distinctly different from the movies and the magazines that we watch and read where glamour and other fake personalities are often cherished and celebrated. Sure, men like to look and admire those images but when it comes to relationships, I always noticed without fail that it is exactly the opposite. Men tend to be attracted to women who are their true self, women who project a pure and honest personality and who does not let the images of other beautiful and glamorous women intimidate her.

  • Men are looking for women who have confidence

Contrary to what people may believe, a woman with true confidence in herself, her abilities, and her personality attracts a man. It’s that natural self-exuberance and honesty that magnetizes a man. You don’t need to pretend to be someone else or put on the latest outfits or to a certain degree revealing clothes just to entice or attract a man. In fact these tricks are only temporary and will only attract the wrong type of men, those that only want to get into your pants and not those that are serious and looking for a true relationship. So, forget about what you have heard and be your true self confidence.

  • Passion And Warmth

These 2 traits are human nature and men need them more than anyone else. In many ways, men are like babies looking for warmth and it is super important for them to sense that in a woman. Woman need to stay warm for their man and that action will be reciprocated 10 times more by the man because when they receive warmth, they will in turn appreciate that feeling and give it back to the woman he cares for.

Passion is another quality trait that men look for in women. Being passionate in your heart about the things you care for turns a man on. If you are a pet lover, talk about your passion for loving animals, why you like them and what makes you happy. If you are into fitness such as running or jogging, talk about your passion for running and keeping fit. Or if you belong to any charity organization that you help out that gives you the mist satisfaction when you perform such charitable works.

Your passion for what you love will bring out that strong and deep feeling in your heart that man will appreciate. It projects and defines your true nature which will be carried on to your relationship. Not the superficial things like going to have your hair done every other week, getting your pedicure and manicure or buying the latest clothes or handbags.

So strive to bring out the passion in yourself and men will fall head over heels with you.

how to make him realize he loves you

What Makes a Man Fall in Love Deeply?

  • Happiness

Top on the list in what makes a man fall in love deeply is happiness. Happiness in the form of being appreciated and loved. You see men always look forward to being the person who is always there for you to solve your problems, to cheer you up when you are down and to make you happy. These good feelings of making you feel happy will in turn rub off on him and make him feel happy and rewarded.

This reciprocated happiness is the central catalyst in any relationship and it will keep the guy fall deeply in love with you. The more he feels he is playing an important role in your life and happiness, the better he feels about himself because he knows he is important and significant to you. But a word of caution. Do not use this to push him around to do things for you but rather try to understand how he is able to make you happy through things that he WANTS to do and not what you force upon him.

  • Make Him Feel Valued And Needed

Being valued and appreciated is another thing that makes a man fall deeply in love. When he does things for you, he expects that action to be valued. That will strengthen his heart and gives him more motivation to do more for you. Nothing is worse than being neglected and taken for granted when you guy does something for you. Even a small gesture of thanks appreciation goes a long way. They hate to admit it, but men get hurt real easy and being neglected is one of them.

  • Are you ready to be loved?

If you are not, then don’t expect the man to be willing to let his feeling show.  He will be inclined to think that maybe you are not right for him or maybe you are not interested or maybe he is not up to your expectations. Whatever the case, if you are ready to be loved, let him know through actions. Actions such as complimenting him, accepting his suggestions and reciprocating his sincerity. It will open up his heart and he will be willing to commit himself into falling deeply in love

How to Make Men Want You

Now that we have some ideas on what men want in a relationship and what make men fall deeply in love, we will explore some tips on how to make men want you.

  • Value

It is very important to let your guy know and believe what value you will bring to him if he has you in his life. He must feel confident and assured that having you in his life is worth his time and commitment and that he sees happiness going forward. Do not try to manipulate him and explore things naturally because once he sense that you are not truthful and scheming he will run for the hills.

  • Do Not Feel Intimidated

Many women are intimidated by other women, especially if they think that they are more beautiful than them. If you project to him that you are uncomfortable of his other female friends or if you are jealous of them, he will opined you as being insecure, selfish and lack of self-confidence. This will be a real turnoff for any men and don’t be surprise if they back away.

But on the other hand, if you play it cool, men will appreciate your openness and your self confidence in handling other women and this strong personality will fall for you in no time.

  • Play it Cool

This seems to be going against all reasons BUT you still need to practice this. I know you want to jump at every opportunity to spend time with the man you desire but resisting that will actually help you in the long run. Why is that? Humans especially men are funny creatures. The more you present to him easily, the more he will think that it does not take effort to win you over. So he may not appreciate you for what you are and he will take you for granted.

To make men want you, you need to back off a little and make him think that your time is just as precious to you as is to him. This cool off time will also make him think there might be some competition vying for your attention and it will make him want you even more. Try it… it works!

  • Losing Interest Periodically

When a man feels like you are losing interest over him, it will generate a form of excitement in him because he will be trying to figure out what went wrong or what he did to actually make you feel that way. He will then try his best to prove his value to you and win you back and make you happy. But don’t push that too far or you will project the wrong signal to him and he will think that you have given up on him and moved on. So play it subtly.

how to capture a man's heart

Emotion Trigger Phrases to Use on a Man

Now you have learned what makes a man fall deeply in love, it’s time learn some emotion phrases to use on a man to attract him. Here are eight of them that you can use.

  • I love you and I want you

    Anything more obvious than that? Men love to hear these words and it will trigger their heartstrings immediately

  • You are strong and I trust you

Letting the man know that you feel secure with him is all he needs. He will make it worth your while

  • You are special in my life

Your man wants to know and be assured that he is special to you and not just another guy in his life

  • You are the light of my life

A man is happy to know that he is bringing you happiness and nothing beats that

  • You are so sexy

A guy wants to know that he is identified as sexy and desirable. It will bring out the male ego in him.

  • I feel sexy tonight

Telling your man you feel sexy makes him feel that he desires you right now.

  • Do you want to know what I am wearing right now?

Wow! This is powerful. It stirs a man’s heart and curiosity and he would want to know no matter what.

  • You are so understanding

Telling your man that he understands your every needs and wants puts him in the driver’s seat and he will feel elated to know that.

How to Make Him Smile

It’s often not easy to make someone smile after you have gone through a bad day yourself but it is important to do just if it is someone you love or desire. So here are some tips on how to make him smile if everything else seems down and out.

  • Hugging Him

Being sensitive beings, men crave for a warm hug especially after a bad day at work. It just melts them away and makes them forget about what they had just gone through. Give him a warm and tight hug as long for as long as he needs it. Say nothing but let him lean on your shoulder and feel all the tightness and tense muscles in his body loosen up. You men will truly appreciate this gesture and it will put a smile on their face.

wants and needs in a relationship

  • Give him some inspiration

Having a positive attitude towards your guy can make a big difference. Talk to him and let him open up all this while creating an environment of inspiration through your body language and motivating gestures. It will help your man to feel inspired and reinvigorated.

  • Go for a nice meal together

Often, a great meal together makes a man happy. Suggest somewhere that he likes and head on over there for a good meal. Have some light and quiet moments together and watch how he lightens up.

  • A Good Massage

Run your hands over your man’s body and give him a good rub down. Even simple strokes and deep presses does the trick and your man will feel relax and happy. Try it. It outright works!

  • Be a good listener

When your man starts to rant and spills the horrors of the day to you, be a good listener. Don’t try to talk back and make justifications of everything he said. It’s just his way of letting out steam and being a good listener makes him feel that someone does actually understand what he just went through at the office and he will appreciate it.

Last But Not Least Give a Man Space to Fall in Love

Let’s face it. If you continue to push into a relationship with brute force, all you will end up is failure and disappointment. Know how to Give a Man Space to Fall in Love is critical so that your relationship will lasts longer. Men hate to be driven into a corner where he feels trapped and that’s the last thing you want. If he feels ensnarled, he will head for the hills at every opportunity he’s got. So learn how to take a step back if you feel things are moving too fast.

Don’t be desperate but play it cool and your man will feel the difference. Give him space, give him time but also give him his confidence and your relationship will be strong and lasting.

I get emails from hundreds of women every month that have lost the man they love… and they always ask me, “Do you think he ever loved me?” Or ” Will he come back?”

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