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how to tell if a cancer man is interested

How to Attract a Cancer Man and Keep Him

Crabby the Cancer man… what can I tell you about him? An interesting personality, the Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac. The Cancer man’s personality is represented by a cultured and sensitive soul that yearns for security and stability. Although being introvert to the point of being awkward, do not be fooled as when the crab sets his sight on a goal, he will pursue it steadfastly until it is achieved, and this is very much his style in his work, business and love.

But the hot now and cold the next minute personality of a Cancer men can be a little difficult to handle by some women because they may be by your side this minute and unreachable the next. Here are some tips if you want to know how to make a cancer man fall in love with you.

 cancer man falling in love

What Does a Cancer Man Want in a Woman?

There are several things that a Cancer male is attracted to and if you start to learn and understand what cancer men like in a woman, you are going to capture your Cancer’s man heart in no time.

1) Truthful

One thing a Cancer man cannot comprehend and accept is a woman who is not truthful and uses deceit in their approach to things especially when it come to love. The Cancer man appreciates a woman who is upfront with their feelings and thoughts and convey them in a gentle and subtle way that he can process easily. They are particularly turn off by empty sweet talks and promises and they can sense that a mile away.

2) Patience

This virtue in a woman will sure win over a Cancer man’s heart. It is often not easy to open their hearts as they are always wary of emotional threats that can harm their sensitive souls. The type of woman they are looking for must be prepared to invest their time and effort to slowly coax the crab out of his shell and share his feelings with you.

3) Initiative

As mentioned above in point no. 2, it needs patience to win over a Cancer man’s heart and on top of that you will also need to take all the initiatives to win him over. Do not expect the Cancer man to open up to you without you taking the initiative to win him over. He expects you to take the steps to please him, to say the things he wants to hear before he will start to share his with you.

4) Reliability

The Cancer man need their woman to be reliable when they need them. As they get hurt easily, they need a constant to shoulder to lay on and you will need to be there for them when they need it.

4) Old Fashion Romantic

Cancer men are kind of old fashion when it comes to their love lives. They enjoy taking long walks by the beach with their partners with candlelit dinners and intimate talks.

5) Family First

Family is of upmost importance to a Cancer man and they value their parents and siblings tremendously and as such they also expect their partners to share this family value with them. Do expect constant visits to their own family when you are with them and share with him the joy and happiness of his family visits and gathering.

how to make a cancer man happy

How to Get a Cancer Man to Chase You

1) Emotional Security And Stability

The Cancer man is a natural worrisome soul and they look for stability in their environment, their work and more so in their love life. They often wear their emotions on their sleeves, and you will not miss it when they are worried about something. In their love life, they often seek comfort and value stability from their partners. So be prepared to offer as much love and attention to the Cancer man and stay faithful by his side. He will reciprocate by providing you with a financial security, a warm home and exceptional bedroom skills.

However, on the other hand if they sense that you are just fooling around and anytime they feel insecurity in their emotions, they will, quickly retract themselves back into their own “shell” to protect themselves from getting hurt and it will then be very difficult to coax them out from there until they feel that the coast is clear.

2) Compliments

Being a rich, gentle and kind soul, the Cancer man expects lots of compliments from his partners. They need to know that they are appreciated, loved and acknowledged not only in words but physically as well. Constant showers of praise and compliments will go a long way with a Cancer man for they will bask in them wholeheartedly. It will bring out their true and good qualities which you will appreciate and love even more.

3) Sentimental

The Cancer man is a sentimental one as he likes to collect and keep mementos, pictures souvenirs and letters. Love letters and notes are especially dear to the Cancer man’s heart and they will always treasure them. Learn to write them often if you want to capture a Cancer man’s heart and he will surely value and treasure them and appreciate you for tugging his heart’s strings.

4) Romantic

Although shy at first, the Cancer man will open once he gets to know you and they are incredibly romantic. Expect candle lit dinners, walks by the beaches and lots of romantic love making.

5) Criticism

Be careful if you want to voice your criticism of a Cancer man as he does not take to them kindly. Being a sensitive soul, they often have difficulty processing the negative aspects of a relationship and is extremely vulnerable to any form of criticism. In order to tackle that be prepared to be subtle in your approach and know of your displeasure in a more humorous and funny way and they will not feel hurt. They can process that approach more easily. But on the other hand, once you hurt a Cancer man, it will be very difficult to bring out of his cocoon and it will take a long time for him to trust you again.


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