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How to Attract a Gemini Man

Spontaneous, exciting, energetic, zestful and adventurous are some of the best ways to describe a Gemini man. They are always restless looking for new excitements in life and new places to go and have lots of fun in between. Sitting at home over the weekend and enjoying a quiet time at home never sits well with a Gemini man and is not the type of fun the Gemini man is looking forward to.

If you want to learn how to attract a Gemini man, you must first understand how he feels, what a Gemini man wants in a woman and recognizing a Gemini man’s characteristics in love. Let’s explore some of the things below on what attracts a Gemini man.

what a gemini man wants in bed

What Kind of Woman Do Gemini Men like?

There are several things that a Gemini man is looking for in a woman. You will need to be able to compliment his own behaviour and outlook in life if you want to capture his heart. It may take a bit of a challenge to fully understand him but once you do and cosy up to him you will enjoy his unparcelled love and companionship

  • Fun and Excitement

Be prepared to indulge in spontaneous activities and events if you are looking to be with a Gemini man. Don’t be surprised that he will suddenly come up with unscheduled activities and expects you to enjoy it with him. At the same time, you can also take the lead in arranging for impromptu activities such as watching a concert or having a meal at a new restaurant. Gemini man will be bored with mundane activities so keep your level of activities high and exciting if you want to attract a Gemini man.

  • Communications

An area that many women fail in attracting Gemini man is the inability to communicate their thoughts and desires effectively. The Gemini man appreciates someone who is truthful, direct and unpretentious and all these factors will score highly with the Gemini man.

However, do not go overboard as the Gemini man can easily detect someone who likes to flaunt instead of communicating. Speak sincerely to your Gemini man if you want to get into his good books and he will respond to you affectionately.

  • Independent

Gemini man likes their woman to be independent and not relying too much on them. If you are not willing to do that is looking for a constant shoulder to lean on, perhaps the Gemini man is not for you. You ought to be strong and accept changes that the Gemini man is constantly looking for and does not complain about it.

  • Adaptation

As the Gemini man is always looking for changes, you must also adapt to these changes and take them all in your stride. Do not expect him to bend his back over to accommodate you as he expects that you accommodate him instead.

  • Emotions

If you want to attract a Gemini man and keep him, you need to keep your emotions in check as the Gemini man does not take too kindly to outburst or a blatant display of raw emotions in front him. He does not handle such behaviour and attitude well and it’s best to keep them in check while you are with him.

understanding a gemini man

Signs a Gemini Man Likes You

There are several tell-tale signs a Gemini man is falling in love with you and you can use that to your advantage

  • Initiative

Have you been receiving more texts messages or calls lately from a guy that you have been interested in. Well, the Gemini man is the type that will take all the initiatives in pursuing his woman if he likes her. He will not stop at anything for the chance to get close to you, doing things for you and accompanying you in your activities no matter how busy he is.

He will take the initiative to suggests places to visit and to wine and dine and you will not feel bored with a Gemini man.

  • Increased attention

One thing the Gemini man cannot hide is his enthusiasm and energy when something interests him. In matters of love, the Gemini man will exhibit this behaviour unashamedly and he will pursue you with all his charm and attentiveness. He will jump at any opportunity given to him to please the woman that he likes. He will also want to know more about you, your interests, your activities and almost everything about you.

  • Intimate Sharing

It is not easy for a geminin man to fall for anyone but when he does, he will often share with you his most intimate feelings because he trusts and likes you. Be prepared to be a good listener and absorb his emotions because he will give them to you freely and that is one of the strongest Gemini man’s characteristics in love.

gemini man signs of interest

How to Communicate with a Gemini Man

As you have come to realize that the Gemini man is always on the move and full of energy and enthusiasm, you need to learn how to communicate effecti8vely with him. The Gemini man loves an intelligent conversation and having one with him will stir his interests and passion in you.

Most topics are suitable for the Gemini man, but the arts and music seem to tug at their heart strings. They can go on for hours sharing their thoughts and passion about the song they like, the arts and cultural scenes and even poems.

The Gemini man is also a social animal and he is always the centre of attention in his circle of friends. You need to be able to feed into his social wavelength and participate in topics that he enjoys socially with his friends and acquaintances.

He also loves and enjoy making new friends to enlarge his social base and often likes to connect and communicate with different people on a large variety of topics. If you are one that shares similar social outlook, then you will have little trouble communicating with the Gemini man.

However, the Gemini man is also prone to mood swings and you must be prepared to accept that as part of parcel. Be there for him when he is down and comfort him and nurture him back and before long, he will be his old and exciting self again.

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