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How to Get a Leo Man to Chase You

Men born under Leo, the fifth astrological sign of the zodiac is a one in a kind beast that many women find hard to handle yet attracted to them like bees to honey. Leo have often been criticized and passed off as shallow minded men due to the fact they often pursue beauty in a woman rather than brains. They are often accused of trying to act like a conqueror and going after the best and beautiful women.

Though there are some truths in these statements, not all is lost. If you have set your sights on a Leo man and wants to pursue him, you must first need to understand him fully. Once you have equipped yourself with the right information and strategies, you will be able to become the conqueror and possess any Leo man you desire.

how to make a leo man obsessed with you

It’s not that difficult to get into the mind of a Leo man as he always like to bask himself in the centre of attraction with plenty of friends and admirers everywhere. From the outside, the Leo man may be seen as a tough and popular guy but inwardly, he may just be insecure and ultra-sensitive of his own feelings and capabilities. But once a Leo man falls in love, there are no two ways about it and he can be fiercely loyal to you and will never be shy to show his true affections

So, in order to learn how to get a Leo man to chase you, you must first master some of the techniques below to be successful.

What a Leo Man Looks for in a Woman and What Kind of Woman Does a Leo Man Like?

Do you know what attracts a Leo man? Below are some major points that you must consider if you want to be successful with a Leo man.

  • Affections

A Leo man will crave to get plenty of affections from the women they like. They can be very demanding and need you to demonstrate that you can provide lots of affection and warmth to them and mind you they never can get enough of it. So be prepared.

  • Fun And Excitement

Leo’s are fun and exciting to be with and you can expect nothing short of that. They want their woman to share and enjoy the same fun and passion that they look forward to and there is not a moment that you can feel boring with a Leo man around.

  • Lots Of Complements

Although this is more directed towards an immature Leo, it also applies to most Leo’s as they will expect daily doses of compliments even for the smallest things that they have accomplished

  • Loyalty

Do not betray the Leo! They expect their woman they like to have full loyalty and devotion towards them and they will reciprocate in abundance. You will need to be patient and gain the Leo’s trust before he will warm up to you but when he does, nothing can pry him away from your arms.

  •  Non-Confrontational

Even if they know they are wrong or misguided, the Leo man always expects their woman to listen to what they have to say. If there is a disagreement, be prepared to discuss the matter amicably because the Leo will not take confrontation well. If he sensed that you are trying to push your way around even if you are right and he is wrong, he will head for the hills before you know it.

how to tell if a leo man is falling for you

Getting A Leo Man To Fall In Love With You

As mentioned earlier, the Leo man demand full loyalty and attention from his woman. He will feel victorious with you cuddling up to him, listening to his every wimps and fancies and he demands to be in charge. Obey his ways and he will fall in love with you fast.

But don’t go overboard with the compliments and praises and keep them natural or else if he senses that you are just pretending, you will lose his trust in no time. So, balance it out between heaping praises and keeping the confrontation and criticism to a minimum and the Leo man will stick to you like glue.

You must be prepared to be active and exciting for your Leo guy as he is one that is always full of activities and enthusiasm and they prefer their woman to be the same and who enjoys what they like, fun, excitement and lots of activities. Physical beauty is another area that a Leo man wants in a woman. Try changing your outfit every now and then to keep things alive and sexy. Change your hairdo to give him a surprise because the Leo is always looking for something fresh and exciting.

How Does a Leo Man Show Interest in a Woman?

Well, I did date a Leo once… that was about 2 years back and one thing I can tell you is this. You will definitely know when a Leo man is into you. He will not hold back k no matter how shy he is. when they are in the mood, expect to get lots of attention, phone calls, text message, compliments… you know, the whole nine yards. Nothing is held back and sometime you may feel the need to back pedal a little to give yourself some breathing space. For some woman that’s a good thing and be prepared to receive plenty of this attention. But for other, it may just be plain selfish on the Leo’s part.

So, you will definitely know if a Leo man likes you or not because the signs are all there and you will need to try very hard if you want to miss it.

leo man in love signs

Signs a Leo Man Is Falling in Love with You

If a Leo man has fallen head over heels in love with you, be ready to accept the fact he will take things a notch higher. Apart from the daily attention you receive, gifts, flowers, trips and fine dining are on the table. The Leo man will go all out to please the woman that he loves. remember the man I dated 2 years back? Well, I would say I gained 10 lbs in the 2 years that we went out together because I will be feted with good food on a weekly basis!

Mixed Signals

Are you beginning to realize why a Leo that you are interested is sending you mixed signals? are you confused by the signals?

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