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How to Win the Heart of a Capricorn Man

Are you looking for a sincere and family type man with an ability and knack for being a reliable provider of your needs? Then a Capricorn man is someone that you may be comfortable with as a life partner and lover. Apart from being a reliable partner, the Capricorn man also possesses great ability to manage everything skilfully and methodically. He is also an old school practitioner when it comes to love.

But make no mistake that this security and stability do have its own setback because the Capricorn man will gladly choose his career or business and the opportunity to make more money over his love life, if presented with a choice.

But if that’s a trade-off that you can live with then this man is for you. But before you learn how to win the heart of a Capricorn man, you will need to know what a Capricorn man likes in a woman and what attracts a Capricorn man.

how to know if a capricorn man likes you

Capricorn Man’s Dream Woman

  • Organized

The more organized you are, the more you stand to attract a Capricorn man. They are masters of time management and have a systematic approach to everything at work as well as home. Their schedules are well panned ahead, and they expect everything to turn out perfectly without any unexpected surprises which they dislike tremendously.

This regimented pace may not sit well with some women but if you do live up to his expectations in this area, then you can win the heart of a Capricorn man in no time.

  • Loyalty

The Capricorn man takes loyalty seriously and he would want and expect his partner to be fully committed to him. As he is very methodical in his approach, he also expects his partner to share that strong and vibrant trust and loyalty without question. He dislikes his partner to question his moves because he is confident and believes that his decisions are always right and for the better good.

  • Family Values

The Capricorn man is a family man first and he provides them with all the comforts of life without questions. He loves children very much and as such he wants his partner to share his strong family values and love children too. He also seeks unmatched and constant family bonding and support from his partner, and he will cherish these qualities by rewarding his partner with the all the comforts in life.

  • Conservative Values

A Capricorn man is attracted to a woman who has high conservative values that matches his own. He does not like to socialize much and don’t expect him to hang around the social scene after his work. He would rather head on home to a nice shower and family dinner than hanging out with his friends.

  • Praises and Compliments

Since he is working so hard to provide you with all the trappings in life, he expects his partner to shower him with praises and compliments constantly so that he feels appreciated. You will also need to demonstrate your gratefulness every now and then and do not hold back. He will respond with even more affection and warmth once he is comfortable with your compliments.

  • Respect

The Capricorn man expects his woman to show great respect for his work, his desires and his opinions. Give him space and respect to express his opinions around you. Do not try to boss your way around him as that will put him in an awkward position that he does feel comfortable in. Instead go with the flow and keep your opinions in check when you are with a Capricorn man.

  • Patience

This is another strong virtue that a Capricorn man wants in his woman. He needs his woman to have strong patience and the ability to develop their relationship in a slow and steady way. Do not rush things with the Capricorn man because once he detects that you are pushing him, he will run for the hills.

how to make a capricorn man chase you

Signs a Capricorn Man Is Falling in Love with You

  • Shyness

The Capricorn man is not known to be brash and loud when he is falling in love. He tends to be very private in his emotions around others and you may miss the subtle signs he exhibits when he likes you.

Sometimes, it is very difficult to detect his emotions because of the wall he has built around himself, but he is strong enough to pursue the woman he likes with absolute resolve and determination. So be conscious about the little things that he does specifically for you such as going out of his way to do certain things for you, buying you gifts and speaking more to you. These are sure signs that a Capricorn guy likes you.

  • Communications

Although shy, the Capricorn man will not hesitate to communicate more to someone he likes. He typically enjoys a wide range of intellectual topics and will want to have long conversations with you. Take it as one of the Capricorn man falling in love signs and be flattered and enjoy the conversations with him

  • A Romantic

Being an old school proponent of love, the Capricorn man will resort to some old fashion romantic ides when it comes to love. Expect long drives and walks by the beach as part of his routine and these are definite signs that the Capricorn man is attracted to you.

More Detailed Information

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